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2020 / e-LPG Week


When the LPG Value Chain Connects
e-LPG Week is WLPGA’s flagship event and includes the full LPG value chain under an umbrella of upstream summits; meetings; workshops on trading and shipping; training; a start-up village; business and networking opportunities; government regulatory seminars; and more. e-LPG Week will provide greater value for a wider range of participants than ever before.
Whatever your stake in the LPG industry, whether you are a producer, a shipper, a trader, a distributor, a manufacturer, a government representative or even a consumer, e-LPG Week is for you.

e-LPG Week incorporates the successful annual World LPG Forum and its major global exhibition at its core, as well as the the Global Technology Conference (GTC2020) and the LPG for Development Summit (LPG4DEV). e-LPG Week 2020 will also host the World LPG Challenge ‘20, Autogas Day, an  LPG Cybersecurity Workshop, and a Global LPG Price Drivers Workshop.  

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